A Touch of New Zealand

 Governors of New Zealand

Governors of New Zealand represented British Sovereignty in New Zealand from Jan 30 1840 until Lord Liverpool's title was changed to GOVERNOR-GENERAL June 28 1917
Name Assumed Office Retired
Sir George Gipps 1/ Jan 1840 May 1841
Capt William Hobson 2/ May 1841 Sep 1842
Capt Robert Fitzroy Dec 1843 Nov 1845
Capt George Grey 3/ Nov 1845 Dec 1853
Col Thomas Gore Browne Sep 1855 Oct 1861
Sir George Grey Dec 1861 Feb 1868
Sir George Ferguson Bowen Feb 1868 Mar 1873
The Rt Hon Sir James Fergusson Jun 1873 Dec 1874
The Rt Hon The Marquess of Normanby  Jan 1875 Feb 1879
Sir Hercules Geo Robert Robinson Apr 1879 Sep 1880
The Hon Sir Arthur Hamilton Gordon Nov 1880 Jun 1882
Lieu-General Sir William Francis Drummond Jervois Jan 1883 Mar 1889
The Rt Hon Earl of Onslow May 1889 Feb 1892
The Rt Hon Earl of Glasgow Jun 1892 Frb 1897
The Rt Hon Earl of Ranfurly Aug 1897 Jun 1904
The Rt Hon Lord Plunket Jun 1904 Jun 1910
The Rt Hon Lord Islington Jun 1910 Dec 1912
The Rt Hon Earl of Liverpool 4/ Dec 1912 Jun 1917

Name Office Retired
The Rt Hon Earl of Liverpool Jun 1917   Jul 1920  
The Rt Hon Viscount Jellicoe of Scapa 5/ Sep 1920 Nov 1924
General Sir Charles Fergusson Dec 1924 Feb 1930
The Rt Hon Viscount Bledisloe Mar 1930 Mar 1935
The Rt Hon Viscount Galway Apr 1935 Feb 1941
Marshal of the Royal Air Force the Rt Hon Lord Newall  Feb 1941 Apr 1946
Lieu-Gen the Rt Hon Lord Freyberg Jun 1946 Aug 1952
Lieu-Gen the Rt Hon Lord Norrie Dec 1952 Jul 1957
The Rt Hon Viscount Cobham Sep 1957 Sep 1962
Brigadier Sir Bernard Edward Fergusson Nov 1962 Oct 1967
Sir Arthur Espie Porritt Dec 1967 Sep 1972
Sir Edward Denis Blundell Sep 1972 Oct 1977
The Rt Hon Sir Keith Jacka Holyoake Oct 1977 Oct 1980
The Rt Hon Sir David Stuart Beattie Nov 1980 Sep 1985
The Most Rev Sir Paul Alfred Reeves Nov 1985 Dec 1990
Dame Catherine Anne Tizard 1990 1996
The Rt Hon Sir Michael Hardie Boys 1996 -

1/ Capt Hobson was Lieu-Governor during this period  Return
2/ After Hobson died in office, Willoughby Shortland was Administrator until Dec 1843  Return
3/ Grey was Governor-in-Chief from Jan 1848 to Mar 1853, and Govenor of an officially declared 'self-governing colony' from Mar 1853 until Dec 1853. After the departure of Grey, Lieu.-Col. Robert Henry Wynyard was Administrator until Sep 1855.  Return
4/ Governors-General of NZ date from 28 June 1917 when the Earl of Liverpool, after being Governor for four and a half years, was given the title Governor-General  Return
5/ Later Earl  Return